Paleo Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookie Dough

Let’s be straight with each other, I’m not one to eat cookie dough before it’s cooked. I’m just not.

I just like the freshly baked, warm and gooey cookie, post dough. But, if you give me dough that’s bursting with flavor and pretty healthy, well, then I guess I’ll give into temptation.

If I’m going to eat healthy, which I do about 90% of the time, then I want my food to taste good and taste decadent. I do my best with spices, seasonings, and flavors to create outstanding recipes and meals- and I’ve perfected this art, if I do say so myself. *pats self on back*

Granted, I’ve been filling my body with veggies (AND my beloved green smoothies and green juices) for a while now, which actually changes your palate. It really does! The more basic, or back-to-nature you eat, the more sensitive you are to how real food tastes. For example, when I eat something with butter and sugar (like a “real” cookie), the sweetness is WAY overpowering for me. But, when I make raw bites with dates and nuts and a pinch of sea salt- it’s perfect.

True story: I made some of my raw bites for my coworkers. I brought in some energizing, healthy bites and gave each person one to try. Two of the guys said they loved them, and SIX of the women told me they weren’t sweet enough and they would be good rolled in powdered sugar.

Ok, I’m sure they would be good rolled in mounds of super-fine sugary crack, but the point of them is HEALTH. No hard feelings at all though, they just have a different palate than I do. They eat coffee cake and scones almost daily, so I know why the bites weren’t sweet enough… But I guarantee, if they ate unprocessed for just one week, their taste buds would adjust to real food.


Here’s a recipe that super easy, super vegan (no raw eggs for this one!), definitely Paleo, and you can feel great before and after indulging- spoonful by spoonful.

Baked cookies or cookie dough?

Crispy cookies or soft and fluffy?

Weird and risky ingredients or standard and safe?

13 thoughts on “Paleo Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookie Dough”

    • Thank you! 🙂 I’ve been liking me writing them.

      Miso and the nutritional yeast was great in the chocolate- almost made it savory. It’s pretty good!

  • Dough! Neither – chewy! Standard – I’m boring! I rarely like the “weird” additions, but am often willing to give them a trial 🙂

    You should call it drunken cookie dough with the beer!

    I have to admit, the craving for intensely sweet never leaves me, but the cravings for cookies, scones, etc. have. To be honest, sometimes they don’t even taste that sweet to me, just a bit lifeless. Now I prefer strawberries in the peak of season or an intense banana smoothie.

  • These look so good! I never would have thought to add nutritional yeast and miso to cookie dough, but I bet it’s delicious! I love experimenting with “weird” ingredients!
    I know what you mean about your palate changing after eating real, unprocessed food for a while. Over the past few years, I’ve stopped eating processed foods and refined sugars. Now if I ever taste a regular cookie, I nearly keel over from the sweetness! I try to feed my husband healthy treats, but he always says they need more sugar. If only I could get him to eat only real food for a while…

  • I love you! Beer and miso in cookie dough??!! So cool. I love nooch and miso–the combo, with chocolate, would give a pleasing salty-bitter note. I don’t think I could quite stretch to the beer, but that’s because of the gluten issue, not because I don’t applaud crazy-adventurous combos–they’re after my own heart.

    Can I say too–_thank you_ for laying it out there that some people don’t have the taste buds to appreciate healthy sweets. I get depressed sometimes when everyone talks about winning people over with kale chips and nut/date cakes when my very-conventional-food peeps up here are mostly pretty leery of everything (except the raw cheesecakes, and Phil has confessed even with them that he prefers Safeway storebought real cheesecake ick).

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