Pick A What Runs Lori Health Mascot

Happy Tuesday! Hope your day is less busy but more productive than yesterday’s. My Monday was C R A Z Y.

I hope you enjoyed Jeanette’s guest post yesterday. So inspiring and pretty awesome she shared this part of her life with us.

That said, today is Day 24 of the HAWMC and the prompt is Health Mascot. Give yourself, your condition, or your health focus a mascot. Is it a real person? Fictional? Mythical being? Describe them. Bonus points if you provide a visual!

I thought long and hard for about 10 minutes and decided that I really didn’t know what the What Runs Lori Mascot would or should be. I’m sure a giant leaf of Kale would work, or maybe even a smiling green juice, but I really don’t know.

So I thought you could choose.

What do you think the What Runs Lori Mascot would be, should be, or could look like? I’m curious to see it through your eyes.

For fun, while you’re thinking about it (and leaving a comment below), here are some fun ideas I came up with last night

Maybe it’s the What Runs Lori Facebook Logo…?

You’ve “liked” already, right?

Maybe Alisa and I can rep Degree Deodorant. I know I have a huge stash of it now because of this conference. And good thing because this is my brand.

Green Smoothies!

To the Rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps the Kabocha Squash could be my Mascot. It’s just so delicious. And sometimes inappropriate…

Meat Teddy!!

…or Teddy Loaf.


What/who is do you see as the What Runs Lori Mascot?