WRL is Your Miracle Cure


It’s Friday!

And with Friday, brings the oncoming Saturday and Sunday and hopefully sunny, warm weather. I know it’ll be beautiful in California this weekend. I’ll send you good, sunny thoughts if you’re outside my state. 😉

Today’s Health Activist Writers Month Challenge prompt for Day 20(!) is to create a miracle cure for some type ailment. I took this a step further, of course, and went out on a [tiny, yet steady] limb with What Runs Lori is YOUR Miracle Cure for… everything.


Have fun reading these! Let me know your Miracle Cures!!!

As you can see, WhatRunsLori.com has your cure for anything you need. Don’t believe me? Tell me your symptom and I’ll give you the cure!

One more…

I LOVE these little signs!

Make your own and send me yours- I’ll post them here tomorrow!

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