Beautiful Beet Smoothie

For the love of beets, it’s Sunday! Happy Sunday! Cheers to Sunday… with water.

No more celebrating a holiday… thank goodness. Time for good cleansing foods and drinks, like this great beety red smoothie.

If you took a look at yesterday’s post on Facebook or here on the blog, you know beets can be used for a variety of dishes, including Strawberry Brownies.

Beets are great, but did you know that angelica root is too?

Angelica root is anti-spasmodic and gastric stimulant that is another key ingredient in the Rebootizer daily detoxifying system (in a fun squeeze pouch). Tomorrow you get the last ingredient and the last day of your chance to win a pack of Rebootizer to try.

All of these 7 key players are what create this daily detoxifying system, perfect for athletes, body-conscious people, and the occasional indulger. 😉

Enter here for a pack of your very own!


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