“Can’t Beet ’em” Paleo Strawberry Brownies


Beets, beets! They’re wonderful things!

The more you eat ’em, the more…


Red your food is!

Ok, so I’m not great at rhyming, but I am great at baking. Even with my non-scientific ways around the kitchen, I can still whip up a brownie or cookie without perfectly measuring ingredients… I know… sorry, folks!

But I really think I should give credit to the real magic-worker in the kitchen. The oven! (please see here that I love my oven)

You see, the oven is what really brings batters to life. So gooey and warm on the inside, crisp and delicious on the outside.

And you can roast beets in the oven. Wash whole beet well, wrap in tin-foil, and bake at 425 degrees for about a half hour, or until you can easily stick a fork in it. Easy.

And after you roast that beet, you can puree it into magic potions, delightful colors, and make some of the best darn healthy brownies around. Paleo and gluten and sugar free even!

Plus, the more of these brownies you eat, the more veggie goodness you’re putting in your body. It’s just win-win all around here, folks. But please note, these brownies are not your average, sugar-loaded, white-flour-gluten-chemicals-and-more brownies some might be used to- or even looking for. These brownies are slightly sweetened and wonderfully moist. But if you’re looking for “bring-me-to-work” baked good, then try out my Decadent Chocolate [Beet] Cake. You won’t be disappointed with either path you take. 😉

I’m telling you, What Runs Lori is my way of giving back to society… one magical beet-laden brownie at a time. 🙂

These brownies are so moist and delicious, I highly encourage you to test them out for yourself. And throw in any extras you’d like! Cayenne powder, perhaps? Maybe some chocolate chips… Even swirls of raspberries would be incredible. The more the merrier.

After, before, or during the making of these moist and delicious brownies, head on over to enter to win your Rebootizer oxidizing pack of recovery! After all, it’s Cinco De Mayo- you’re probably going to need a few of these after this weekend, right?! Enter now!

Today’s Rebootizer not-so-secret ingredient #5 is Artichoke. This antioxidant and liver protector pairs wonderfully with the other ingredients inside every fun squeeze bag of Rebootizer. And Cinco De Mayo may put your liver in need of some antioxidating and protecting nourishment.

Tomorrow we’re exploring beets in smoothies (seriously, a MUST try!)!

For more beet-wonderful recipes, try my Decadent Chocolate [Beet] Cake and Red Velvet Oats.

Beets! Like ’em, hate ’em, ever used them in food?

What are your plans this Cinco De Mayo?

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