Paleo Chocolate Chip Fatties

I made these on a whim. Because I was craving cookies.

Is there ever a time when I don’t crave cookies?


So… I made cookies. And giant cookies they were.

These not so skinny little mounds were inspired by a recipe from Multiply Delicious blog for Paleo Banana Chocolate Chip Cakies, and as delicious they looked, my Fatties definitely tasted. Since these were so darn big, I had to give them a name worthy of their magnitude.

Loaded with lusciously, healthy fats and basking the golden sun of the oven prongs, these chocolate-scattered cookies are keepers. Well, the recipe is.

Since this recipe makes some pretty wholesome and filling, not to mention large and in charge, cookies, the name given at birth was…

Paleo Chocolate Chip Fatties.

Sounds pretty darn good doesn’t it? They just scream ‘Make, Eat, Repeat!’

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