Reboot[izer] Your Body Contest: Giveaway Winner

Dandelion, licorice, angelica root, artichoke, lemon and lemon balm, and acerola cherry- a potent blend of antioxidant packed, rich fruit and plant extracts…

Wouldn’t you like to treat your body right and give it soothing and revitalizing natural detoxifiers- creating a Reboot[izer]ed body?

I would. And I do!

All of the above 7 key players are what create this daily detoxifying system, perfect for athletes, body-conscious people, and the occasional indulger. 😉

Rebootizer helps reduce the amount of oxidative stress that impedes daily onto your body and actually tastes good. Kind of like a sweeter tea. And I believe I mentioned the fun 2-pouch package it comes in. Squeeze, shake, and drink!

There are many different types of antioxidants out there, all doing different things. The ingredients that are in very lovable, squeezable package of Rebootizer help combat those free radicals- putting them in their place- no more roaming for those radicals…

And one of you out there gets a few packs of your very own…

But first-

Recommended Usage, just because-

Feel Better Today with daily use as needed:

  • For immediate relief when free radicals and toxins peak
      • During and after exercise and sports
      • After food or drink indulgence
      • When traveling, especially by air
      • After exposure to the sun





Sahara of  Stories And Sweet Potatoes

Congrats, girl!


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