Red Pepper Peanut Dip

I love Whole Foods. Pretty much everything about it, except for the prices, of course. But I really do love the environment that is created there. People are all surrounded by wholesome, delicious, ripe produce and ANDI Scored foods. At the juice bar you can get a green smoothie, a green juice, or an almond milk latte, steamed to perfection. Some even have a Kombucha on tap!

There are pretty little (strategically placed) “handwritten” chalkboards that direct you to what is available that day. Everywhere you look there are smiling employees, smiling grocery-goers, and happy me that I found the salad bar. Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE the salad bar at Whole Foods? Oooooh my. I love the salad bars- boasting with hot and steamy piles of teriyaki baked tofu, mounds of freshly laid beets and carrots, pea sprouts and turkey breast, zesty red pepper hummus, and seaweed kale salad, and mix greens and cranberries and tahini dressing…. Oh how I swoon for the salad bar.

Umm… I’ve completely trailed off topic.

Anyway, I really like Whole Foods for those Stranger Than Fiction items you just can’t seem to find anywhere else (<–SUCH a good movie).

And I very much appreciate that each month they supply their customers a Delicious Living magazine, for free, that has creative uses of the ingredients the store carries. There are some pretty great recipes in those little books and I’ve made a few with wonderful results.

Today’s recipe is no exception.

This Red Pepper Peanut Dip is truly a keeper and definitely addicting. Once you dip you just can’t stop. Literally. I think the foods I eat have that affect on me…

This quick dip is vegan, gluten free, sugar free, refreshing, and can easily be made Paleo.

Last but not least, we have the final ingredient of the 7 key factors that make Rebootizer such a great product for recovery (from drinking, dancing, hard workouts, and everyday stress).

Lemon Balm is also anti-spasmodic and helps with digestion. And along with Lemon, Licorice, dandelion root extract, angelica, artichoke, and acerola cherries, this detoxifying system keeps you looking and feeling great! Especially with the fun 2-part pouch:

  •  Protects antioxidants from loss of potency by separating them from water’s natural oxidation until mixed for immediate consumption.
  • Reverse osmosis, ultra purified water in the MixPak permits maximum bio-availability of the ingredients and rapid absorption by body cells.

There you have it, Rebootizer in a nutshell… or a Mix System Pouch. 😉

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5 thoughts on “Red Pepper Peanut Dip

  1. You really do take great pictures. Hey…you could be a food photographer and when you get tired of that, become an official food critic who is flown around the world criticing…and when you get tired of that…..

  2. Ooh, that is a keeper!

    We don’t have a juice bar at the Whole Foods here (that was SO awesome in Boulder), but I’m just happy to be back near a Whole Foods! At least their generics are competitive in price 🙂

  3. I also made a red pepper dip this weekend, but mine came from the Uncheese Cookbook – it was called Chedda Cheeze Sauce or something equally silly. Roasted Red Peppers, tahini, cashews, nutritional yeast and some spices. DELICIOUS. I made 2 cups on Sunday, and there is *maybe* 1/2 cup left. Can’t stop myself from dipping. 😉

  4. this (as always) looks great! BTW, made the popcorn cauliflower (again!) this weekend but it was SO spicy (should probably measure out the cayenne instead of “eyeing” it next time LOL) so i made a quick nut dip for it in the “thai style” totally worked! Guess you and me both were in a What Runs Lori & nut dip sort of mood 🙂 (btw, mine was just coconut milk, almond butter and lemon juice- can’t wait to try again with yours!)

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