Busy Girl’s Orange Goji Banana Bread

I’m not really sure how it happened but it’s officially been THREE (.5) WEEKS since I last posted.


And shame on me!

Long story short, exactly three weeks ago this Monday, I started my new job (promotion in only 4 months!). Not knowing I would be *this* busy with the new role, blogging kind of got left on the curbside.

Week one of me being the newest Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Assistant to the Vice President of Social Media Marketing for a large software/hardware company in Silicon Valley was a rude awakening to the time I used to spend on blogging and baking. None of that free time at my disposal anymore. The first week was spent trying to keep up with the incoming MOUNDS of emails and preparation for EMC World in Las Vegas, one of the largest Tech company industry events. Week two was spent with 6 nights in Las Vegas, working hard, playing hard(er), sleeping little, drinking lots (hehe), and running around all day in heels with blisters the size and quantity of ants at a picnic (I know, super bad analogy…).

I can honestly say that I cannot remember the last time my body was so exhausted, my mind so needing sleep, and I had that much fun with a huge group of new friends. And I can honestly say that I have never loved a job more than the one I am now blessed to own.

So, that’s my little summary of why I haven’t blogged in oh-so-long. But I promise you, I’ll be making a slightly more valiant effort to post!

Starting with a recipe for Orange Goji Banana Bread!

I guess the only way to get through a busy day is to start the morning out with a large green smoothie and a giant piece of healthy banana bread, crumbled on top of the smoothie, of course.

This is a slightly sweet, definitely tangy, healthy banana bread, slightly augmented by me, from the Whole Foods, Delicious Living Magazine (May 2012 edition). It’s a great alternative to regular, sugar-loaded, fat-swimming, banana bread.

That’s my story of a busy girl’s Banana Bread!

I’m working on the story of a busy girl working… I know some of you are interested as to what the heck I’m even doing and where the heck this job came from.

Happy Sunday/Monday, past 3 weeks!

I’ve missed you!

<3 Lori


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