Beach Body Meals: Paleo Portuguese Kale Soup

One true fact about me, I’m slightly ADD with workouts. I’ll find one (or a few) I L O V E, do them obsessively, then kick them to the curb to start my new workout binge. Never boring, body’s always guessing.

Over the weekend I decided to start the Insanity program- 60 days of pure, intense, insane workouts, brought to you buy the team at Beach Body. You know Beach Body… P90X, Brazil Butt Lift, ChaLEAN Extreme, Les Mills Pump, TurboFire, and about a zillion more home workout videos.

A few years ago I went through about 6 months + of P90X, with all the weighted moves, body weight push ups and pull ups, plyometrics, kicking and punches, and  my not-so-favorite yoga DVD, all with ripped-as-Hell Tony Horton. Each DVD is a different workout, and each workout was pretty good. Since P90X I’ve done SO many different exercise programs/workouts. Back to yoga and kickboxing, running and CrossFit. Then I stopped. Dropped my gym membership. Stopped killing my body with long workouts, heavy, heavy weights, and not enough recovery.

I started doing workouts at home with minimal weights and short time spans. I got on and did the 12 minute, high-powered interval moves for a while. And now, it’s time to move on to something new and exciting.

Now it’s Insanity. These workouts run for 60 days, plotted out each day with 10 rotating DVDs, and all body weight. Easy, right?

Not so much…

There’s a reason the workout is called Insanity.

With each DVD ranging from 30 to 75 minutes, the intensity from day one is… Insane.


I’m in pretty good shape, I have great cardio capacity, and definitely can hold my own with stamina. And then I met the Insanity WARM-UPS! Seriously, I’ve never done a “Warm-up” like the Insanity ones.

But the workout isn’t what I’m focusing on today- it’s the food!

With the 60 days of workouts, I decided to start the “diet” portion of the program, too. Why not, right? I’ve never really done a portioned out eating program and thought, “why not see what results I can get?”

Alrighty, the “diet” program it is!

So, without boring you to death, last night I made a rocking’ low fat, low carb, high flavor, healthful meal, loaded with fiber, fun, and zesty fat-burning… soup (Couldn’t think of any other adjective to use…). This is a truly great meal to make in a pinch or if you’re wanting one meal to last a while. With plenty of hearty leftovers, you’ll find this meal too easy NOT to make often!

Vibrant and warming, spiced yet subtle, delicious in every way…

Did I mention it’s fully Paleo…?


Wait! I did mention this was a pretty rocking’ healthy dish, right? Check out the nutritional stats here!

Now go forth and share this recipe with your friends… and on Pinterest!

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