Nourishing Spring Green Soup (Living and Raw)

Happy September 12th!

What?! It’s September??? Where did January go? Or February… or March… or 2012????

This year has already flown by in such a whirlwind, I’m not sure I’ve gotten the chance to stop and reflect on anything- especially my poor, bloated email inbox.

With life passing by, work becoming more and more of a priority, and my blog taking a back burner, I’m feeling a bit disconnected to the food world. That and the whole health community. I miss my daily blog posts filled with food and inspiration. Heck, just writing to release my thoughts!

After whisking my boss off to India for work, I made my way back home to my parent’s house and spent some time just relaxing. I treated myself to some spectacular veggie-loaded meals, quiet time, and a reunion with a high school friend. Needless to say, I needed the mini vacation.

The reunion was amazing and I got to know my friend in a new way- but the meetup did more than I expected…

In talking with this high school pal, I realized how much I missed immersing myself in the world of health and nutrition. Just talking about it with someone so like-minded brought back such an uplifting feeling.

Linda, my meetup pal, reminded me that food nurtures and heals and can truly be our saving medicine.

I started this blog on the foundation of this premise; Let Food Be Thy Medicine. Every now and then I get away from this with the occasional indulgence (ok, I admit, sometimes I fall and eat the metaphorical crap that I preach is evil- and it is!). I started this blog to heal myself with food- from my overweight past. From a family history of heart disease and heart attacks. From depression. From even the thought of cancer. From ever being sick again. And for living forever…

Long story, being longer, I started this blog to share with the world that food is a blessing, not the enemy, if used right. It can heal, cure, and conquer, if you let it. Moral of the story: EAT MORE VEGGIES.

Without further adieu, and more lecture on my inner thoughts of the day, I give you, a truly nourishing, cleansing, and healing recipe. Based on a recipe from Whole Living blog.

This recipe is outstanding in flavor but simple in steps and ingredients. Pure, whole foods go into this meal and I can assure you, it is health in a glass.

What have you (or can you) rekindled, remembered, learned or rejoiced in lately?

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