Perfect Paleo Lunch: Sardine Salad Stuffed Bell Pepper

Hi all! Happy day to you!

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten into the rhythm of posting… posting anything for that matter.

Life has been busy with work and play and cooking and eating. Oh, and meeting a certain celebrity chef a few weekend!

Mr. Alton Brown was in San Francisco giving a presentation for a local science event and it just so happened that I found out, bought tickets, and stole a picture with aforementioned celeb chef!

One thing I can honestly say about a live and unsensored Alton BrownHILARIOUS. One of the most entertaining nerds out there, I promise you.

And by nerd, I mean super-intelligent, super-sciencey, amazing chef/tv personality/person out there. Seriously.

The 1.5 hour talk turned into 3 hours of laughing, beer drinking (by him, not me), and food experiementations (such as blowing up various foods with liquid nitrogen). See. Cool nerd.

In honor of this pretty cool dude, you get a recipe that is an Alton-approved Good Eats.

Of course only good eats are on this blog.

Some time ago on Alton’s show, Good Eats, he discovered the wonderful world of weight loss and with such developed some weight-loss promoting recipes. One recipe, in particular, I have tried and loved in various fashion: Sardine – Avocado Salad.

I’ve posted a similar recipe before but today’s is slightly different… and served in an edible bowl.

Eating the bowl is advised.

Who’s your favorite celebrity chef? Have you ever met them or any other “famous” chefs? I’ve met a few.

What is one cool science-related fact about food or food cooking/baking/preparation? There are SO many. Food is science…