21 Tips for Post-Holiday Detoxing & Simple Roasted Goat Cheese Veggies

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Fun fact as we gear up our mindset for learning: Long-term change takes 21 days to solidify and stick. 21 days create a lasting habit. Pick a simple, fun, and positive habits in your next 21 days…

Yes, yes we all know. You ate way too much this past month, drank a little too much of the Nectar from the Gods (damn you Jack Daniels…), and didn’t get quite as much beauty sleep as you would have liked. Me too.

roasted veggies

That’s why we have wonderful fruits and vegetables to naturally cleanse and detox your aching and possibly-nutrient-lacking cells and resolutions to get us there. Right?

With the New Year right around the corner, we could all use a little boost of resolution before 2013 hits. Sadly, I’m not a fan of these so-called New Year Resolutions. (As opposed to my great Resolution Recipes eBook, which is perfect for ringing in the new year!)

Simple Roasted Veggies

I am not a fan of making resolutions. For me, if you’re wanting to change something, or do something, well then, DO IT. Don’t wait until the start of a new year to change your behaviors or add in a new habit. Decide and take action. I’m all in for process and action over lists and planning. In my mind, it’s better to DO and fail than plan and wait for that perfect moment to happen.

Of course this is easier said than done, but with a few simple tips (and action items) you can kick your butt into gear for jump starting those healthy habits, prepping a New Years Resolution, and giving your diet a healthy Paleo boost (see recipe below!).

Because you, me, and the rain-clogged gutter could all use a little cleansing…

21 Tips for Post-Holiday Detoxing

1. Start each day present and relaxed by waking up 10 minutes early to stretch or sit mindfully (think mini meditation) before the craziness of the day takes you rushing out the door.

2. Take a digital detox, limiting or eliminating your phone, email, computer, or iWhatever for an hour or two each day (information overwhelming does happen).

3. Go for a walk instead of engaging in a fight or heated discussion.
4. Breath deeply. When you start to feel stressed, worried, or angry, think about your breath and deepening it. Stay with this deep breathing for a few minutes and see the stress feelings melt away.
5. Create an appealing atmosphere throughout your home, office, work, or specific room. Make it your own with your favorite sights, sounds, textures, colors, fabrics. Fill this space with a pleasing color or flowers. This is your positive haven.

6. Change a thought of worry to a positive solution or statement instead of letting anxiety take over your day.

7. Throw some greens in that smoothie.

8. Give yourself one free pass to be unproductive instead of killing yourself to get it all done right now.

9. Cut out refined sugar for just 21 days. Notice any changes to your body or thinking.

10. Before going to sleep, make a list of anything on your mind; to-do’s, worries, gossip, whatever is floating in your head. Get it out on paper and leave your mind free to get a restful sleep.

11. Drink. Lots. Of. Water.

12. Give yourself a much needed praise. Write down one thing you accomplished each day and allow yourself to actually feel great about it.

13. Smile. Just because.

14. Give your body at least 10 minutes of exercise everyday. Any exercise counts.

15. Keep, create, or get back into a hobby you enjoy. Make your hobby a weekly priority as a creative outlet and a source happiness.

16. Build on positive relationships.

17. Focus on a positive thought, especially after a negative one.

18. Eat food that makes your body feel good instead of feeding your feelings with food that wears you down.

19. Get plenty of rest. Sleep resets your body, cleanses throughout the night, and encourages weight loss and healthy thinking. Make sure you get enough of that wonderful rest.

20. Cut way back on refined sugars and stick to only more natural sources, such as fruits, dates, or honey.

21. Make good, clean, natural food.

….starting now.

Roasted Veggies


Goat Cheese Kabocha

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  1. Hey, I seriously need a “re-cleanse” bigtime. But not sure how to do a meal plan type thing. Like I love this recipe (how many servings by the way?) but wonder how it fits into a meal plan or meal or whatever. i’m lost with how to start “NEW” because God knows I need it. I’m a mess 🙂 Thanks!

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