‘End of Aggression’ PUNCH Workout

The thing I love most about working out is the fact that it gets all of my aggressions, stress, anger, thoughts out of my head. Their like a cleanse- after my bout of sweaty muscle-crunchers, I’m left feeling light and energetic and happy.

Especially when my workout contains PUNCHES. Because don’t we all wish we could punch our way through life sometimes…?

Ok, is that just me?

Either way, I highly suggest you try this workout.



(Because this is a kick-ass…. or should I say ARM… workout that will leave you toned, strong, slightly sore, hopefully, and ready for your next “fight”)



Don’t forget to kiss your punching opponent when you’re done… if you had one.

Want more? Find another awesome MMA/kickboxing style workout here: Galaxy MMA Workout (there’s even a PDF you can download!)

**What do you do to get your aggressions out?

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