Flourless Primal Pumpkin Almond Brownies

Primal Brownies

Great news! You don’t need sugar, flower, and junk to make a brownie… and why would you want to?

…One that will add weight to your thighs, make you feel guilty after eating “just one”, and give you false promises nutrition and empty lies calories.

…One that will undoubtedly taste good on the outside but wreck havoc on the to your insides.

No, no. The great news is here! (Oh, oh! And flourless!)

Primal Pumpkin Flourless brownies

Now you can have all a brownie that won’t make you feel guilty, won’t add pounds to that frame, won’t tell you any nutritional lies. The only lies this brownie may insinuate is that it’s filled with sugar, flour, blah! Nope. It’s just pretty damn good… and healthy!

But we both know that’s not a lie, right?

Make these Primal Pumpkin Almond Brownies now. 

Rich, delicious, decadent, ooey, gooey, GOOD. But don’t let those naughty thoughts go to your head… it’s just a brownie. 😉

Primal Almond Brownies

Yum, yum, yum, yum….

 Primal Date Pumpkin Brownies

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