Green Cacao Chocolate Smoothie

Cacao Green Smoothie

Who doesn’t love chocolate for breakfast?!

Do you see anyone raising their hand?


But in most households, a chocolate breakfast contains a box of sugar-and-chemical-filled fluffy “grain” puff that are drenched in milk. NOT in this household…

When I talk chocolate on this blog, it’s in the lusciously dark, sinlessly healthy, and deliciously crunchy form of the cacao bean. Those dark pieces of unadulterated, raw cacao nibs. So sexy!

(Yes, food is sexy.)

And with those cacao beans come the perfect amount of rich, dark chocolate flavor with a small boost of energizingly natural caffeine.

Throw that wonderful bean (or in powder form! That’s cacao) into a green smoothie and life is complete.

For those of you who have not yet tried a green smoothie what’s wrong with you?! this is your jumping off point. Try it! You’ll never (EVER) know there’s good-for-you greens involved.

Cacao Green Smoothie

Cacao Green Smoothie

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