Month: October 2013

Bikini Competition Week 4: Progress Photos, Diet Changes, and Workouts

Bikini Competition Week 4: Progress Photos, Diet Changes, and Workouts

Here I am folks at exactly 7 weeks into my training with Ray at Built Tuff Fitness. I love every second of it… now. It definitely feels more routine and much easier than when I started out but I guess that’s the beauty of sticking with 

Bikini Competition Week 3: Diet and Before & After Photos

Bikini Competition Week 3: Diet and Before & After Photos

It’s hard posting something so intimate and personal but I figure, what the Hell, why not, right?! Here is a photo of day 1 of my Bikini Comp journey, coupled with week a progress photo taken on week 3. (For the complete diet and training, 

The Real Faux Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie

The Real Faux Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie


Ah, desserts. Where would live be without them? So sinful. So naughty. So… delicious.

We are all victim to dessert at times, the rich, gooey chocolate (if you so please) that taunts you and calls your name in whispers.

Until I started my Competition training, I had no idea that I could, but shouldn’t, eat my beloved “healthy” desserts every day. Sugar-addict I was. Sugar-addict I didn’t KNOW I was.

One valuable piece of information I’ve learned, if nothing else from this journey, is that even those healthy little baked Paleo-goods will hinder your progress- if body composition is your goal or focus.


WARNING: Ranting Below….

I’ve advocated eating in moderation and making sure you give your body what it wants. And all of this is true, but what I didn’t realize (or admit to myself) was my body might want, but certainly doesn’t need sugar.

Of course, I have known this all along and tried time after time to give up the dark stuff (chocolate chips, you make me love to hate you!), always falling back into the “just a handful…” mentality.

But once I was 100% held accountable (Coach Ray would NOT be happy if I added that to my daily food journal), I was released from the cravings. I can’t tell you how GREAT it feels not to be victim to those chocolate chips, whom by the way, have stopped calling me… because I stopped answering.


Rant aside, I’m not eating sugar for a while… berries, yams, winter squash are my sources now, but that’s not to say I don’t still love and miss baking. It’s calming and the end result is fun and delicious! And some ARE healthy for you… just not all the time.

Don’t let me scare you into not eating sugar, but be aware of how much you’re eating, when you’re eating it, why you might crave it and the simple fact that you ARE craving it. Signs you might want to stop for a while and see if you notice a difference. 

I’ll be posting soon on how I’m feeling without the sugar and the huge difference I’ve seen mentally and physically.

For now, ENJOY THESE BAKED BABIES… because I can’t. 🙂

NOTE: These, even though they are a dessert, are LOW in sugar, high in protein, and all around GOOOOOOOOD.



Nope, this is not 100% Paleo. Nope, I’m not eating this for my Bikini Competition prep. And nope, it’s not an everyday treat (how did I never know this?!) if you want to lose weight. BUT, they ARE delicious and MUCH better for you than regular, gluten-fill, sugary cookies. So enjoy one, two, even three and thank yourself for taking the time to care what you’re putting in your body. 🙂