Bikini Competition Training 5 Days In

Hi All! PLEASE NOTE: This was written a few weeks ago when I was 5 days into training! It’s now been about 3.5 weeks! Old post but still valid info!


I’ve been MIA for a while. On and off with a few recipes here and there, haphazardly.

I have so many recipes to share with you, awesome recipes might I add, but I’m busy. BUSY. I have a full time job, a full time life, and little time for much extra time on the computer. You know how it goes. You’re busy. I’m busy.

BUT, today I’m holding myself accountable with all of you watching. You’re my accountability buddies, folks. Keep me honest!

I just signed up to achieve a dream of mine….

To compete in a Figure or Bikini Competition.


Bikini Comp Photo


None of these women is me, but soon, will be!

Or, slightly adjusted wording, TRAIN like I’m competing.

Yes, I’m slightly freaking out.

I’ve wanted to have the body of one of those competitors and with years of lifting weights, trying CrossFit, being a trainer (even!), I still don’t have that body. Not that I’m complaining too much but still! After TONS of work, I’d love the results I’ve been trying for.

So, I signed up.

I started on Monday, September 9th, 2013.

Before and after photos (in a BIKINI… uggg) were taken.

First 7 day nutritional plan was given.

CRAZY leg workout was done.

It’s now Friday. My legs are STILL killing me.

So, what’s all this rambling have to do with you?

Well, if you care at all, I’m going to be blogging my way through 12 weeks of a body transformation, with my moods, meals, hurts, gains, sweats, and all of extras.

If you don’t care about the fitness side, I will be posting some delicious past recipes that I’ve completely neglected to share. Mostly because you deserve them. Mostly because they are crazy good. And mostly because I can’t eat ANY of them for a while…

Today marks day 5 of protein, veggies, and…. water. That’s literally it.

I can officially say… I HATE CHICKEN.

Stay tuned for a recipe!

*Have you ever signed up, tried out, or pushed harder than ever for YOUR dream? What was it and what roadblocks did you encounter??

*Have you ever done a figure or bikini competition?! Advice, thoughts, info on how to not HATE eating pounds of chicken?

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