Bikini Competition Training: Week 3




Hello, hello!

The post yesterday, posted on 5 days into the program was written WAY long ago but never posted. Today marks 3.5 weeks into training/nutrition/the program and I’m still going strong!

Much has changed in these last three weeks, including my body, attitude, and energy levels.

Week one and most of week two I felt very off. I had no energy, foggy memory, was a pretty big bi… um… mean person, and was craving CARBS like no other.

Where I stand with week three now, I have tons of energy(!!), feel amazing, I’m definitely slimmer, look WAY more toned, and just happy overall.

My body definitely has adjusted to the slap-in-the-face approach we took starting on Day ONE pretty quickly. I have had a few times where friends have had to “talk me off a ledge” with skipping a cardio session or eating a carb- but I haven’t cheated, I haven’t swayed, and I’m feeling great.

Upon day one, my new trainer evaluated my body, lifestyle, exercise past, nutrition past, and a whole lot of other things to come up with the “fast track” plan for me (as per my request):

*Double days of cardio for 2 weeks (40 min morning, 40 min night)

*5 Days Lifting

*Eat every 2-2.5 hours consisting of…

    • 6 oz protein
    • salmon once a day
    • zero carbs (only 1 cup berries per day)
    • lots of water
    • lots of non-starchy veggies
    • 1 tsp olive oil at first 3 meals

*No salt (never knew how much salt helps with FLAVOR)

*No diary (black coffee, baby! I miss my creamer….)

That’s pretty much the short version and I have a few supplements that I’m taking to ramp up recovery, lifting, etc.

That’s the quick info on the next few months…

More details soon on what body parts I’m focusing on, workout routines(!), changes in diet (if any), and before and AFTER photos- progress is showing!!!

Happy Friday, everyone! 

Tell me a challenge you’ve faced in the last few months- personal, professional, anything! I need some inspiration from you guys!

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