Easiest Ever Gluten Free Paleo Crepes

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I wanted to share a wonderful recipe with you today… one of which I’ve made many times in the past but now, being that I’m training for my first ever Bikini Competition, I can’t really eat. BUT, you can for me!


This is the easiest, healthiest, best ever crepe recipe. I’ve fooled many-a-eater with this one. No one knows it’s “healthy.” No one thinks it’s “different.” Everyone loves it.

The best part about this recipe is that it’s not exact science. You mix a few things, adjust as you go. Nothing is set in stone, it’s just guidance. You can measure exactly, if you’d like, or just eye the measurements. You’ll still get great crepes that can be filled with endless possibilities.



Alrighty! See, simple!

Now you can fill your crepes with anything your heart desires. Sweet, savory, anything.

I filled mine with a delicious apple-nectarine compote I threw together.


There you have it! A perfectly Paleo, wonderfully easy, definitely delicious recipe for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, or even fill with some chocolate chips and Greek yogurt of DESSERT!


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