Super Easy Paleo Egg Poppers

Eating for fat loss and muscle gain can be pretty… boring. It’s simplistic. It’s repetitious. And it’s lean.

It’s hard to load up flavor without adding salt but I’ve been making due and getting pretty good at combining spices and cooking methods to add a little flair to my daily eats.

Veggies, herbs, and spices can go a long way in creating a fun meal with a little more pizzaaz.

photo 5

My morning meal of scrambled eggs, simple at it’s core, needed a redo in the fun department. I also decided I hate cleaning pans so instead of dirtying yet another pan I thew some things into a muffin tin, turned on the oven, and created some super easy, pretty delicious, on-the-go fat-burning breakfast.

They’re not beautiful, they’re not elegant, but they ARE easy and they are great to bring and eat at work… as I have done below on a lovely paper plate. 🙂

photo 1