Despicable Me Minion Cupcakes!


Just because I don’t (can’t) eat sugary, buttery, flour-filled items during Halloween doesn’t mean I can’t make them…

Behold my MINIONS!

The cutest, most well behaved, probably delicious guys I’ve ever seen.



So fun to make, SO easy to make! And great to share with co-workers!

And to share with you.

A [late] Halloween treat to share!



Despicable Me Minion Cupcakes


1 batch Cupcakes

1 container (or homemade) frosting, optional blue food coloring

3 packs Twinkies, (2 Twinkies in each)

Smarties, or candy eyes

Black tube frosting for mouth and goggles


Get full instructions over at Cupcakepedia!

These were super fun to make… even though I’m obviously not a cupcake artist. Although, I like to think I someday could aspire to be one… 😉

Needless to say, my coworkers loved them and many people stopped by my desk to take photos of the Minions. Success! My managers even Tweeted these little cuties.


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