Bikini Competition Body Transformation Updates, Progress, & Takeaways

Bikini Competition Body Transformation Updates, Progress, & Takeaways

week 10

Happy December, folks! Time is flying, the holidays are fast approaching, and it seems like everywhere we turn there’s more and more to do. Sound familiar?

I’m happy to announce that I reached my goal of my 12-week bikini competition training challenge. I completed 12 FULL weeks (and then some!) of regimented dieting for competition, training for competition and completely changing my body! In the process I learned a TREMENDOUS amount. Completely invaluable information about health, fitness, pushing my body and mind, and really, truly reaching a goal.

The process has been incredible and I’m here to share some of my key take-aways from the journey, along with some fun, useful, and 100% results-oriented tips (soon!). Just for you… 😉

NOTE: I’ll be getting more photos on progress up, as this journey will never truly be done. This post only includes photos on progress up to 10 weeks. I’m now in week 12!

10 Week Bikini Competition Transformation


I never really realized how much inflammation I had. My body was puffy, swollen, retaining water, and unhappy- and once I changed my diet, I dropped weight FAST, inflammation went down, and water retention was a thing of the past.

Bikini Competition Posts:

After 10 days of the program I had lost 10 pounds. Yes, some was water and but some was fat. After 2 months, I was down 14 pounds and a LOT of body fat melted away.


Progress Week 4.5

Week 1 Body Fat (September 9th, 2013): 22-21% appox.

Week 8.5 Body Fat (November 6th, 2013): 13%

I was stunned to get back the Hydrostatic (dunk test) body fat test. This is one of the most accurate tests out there for body fat. In just 8 weeks I had dropped 9% body fat. That is a drastic change and is the key to weight loss. (Side note: The scale should probably not be your #1 indicator on weight loss- always look for body fat loss.) I haven’t taken the body fat test again, being that it’s now at week 12.5 but I’m pretty sure it’s the same or slightly lower. I’m pretty lean. 🙂


Progress Week 6

Through eating lots of healthy food and doing the correct exercises, getting plenty of sleep and water, and finally, supplementing smart (through essential oils! More on this later!) I was able to completely overhaul my body.

To me, this journey has been almost like magic. I woke up and it was done. Although it did take a lot of hard work, days where I was simply miserable with my meals, some boring food, and really, just not wanting to go back into the gym, the overall process was SIMPLE. Not to be confused with EASY…

To gain results, 100% PURE results, it takes consistency, discipline, motivation. The process is SIMPLE but not EASY. It takes work to get from point A to point B (especially over a short time span) but the actual process, steps involved, are simple and proven.


Progress at Week 8 

I’ve had tremendous support in my journey and I really think that is what separated success from failure. Without the encouragement of my family, friends, trainers, and everyone on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and this blog, I’m not sure I would have been able to stick to my diet and exercise fully.

I did get cheat meals, which helped and kept my sanity, but for 95% of the time, I ate squeaky, sparkling clean. Those few “cheat” meals/re-fueling meals were a life saver. I can’t lie about that. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream never tasted SO (freakin’) good.

More photos are coming AND the update on the actual contest that hasn’t taken place yet.

What are your thoughts?

What goal have you had that you completely crushed, blew-out-of-the-water completed? Did you find that outside help made a difference? Tell me your experiences! We can only learn more from others!

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