Hard-Boiled Eggs & Smoked Salmon Breakfast



Some people love breakfast. Waking up, digging through the fridge, finding those eggs, bacon, and [Paleo] pancake ingredients to make a delicious, maple-drizzled stack of a fasting-breaking meal.

Some people hate breakfast. Waking up, too busy to find nourishment, rushing out the door, and not concerned with the same old meal for breakfast.

I’m somewhere in between. Sometimes I love breakfast! Brunch out with friends, a lazy morning activity of making a delicious meal, yummy warm eggs mixed with meat and veggies.


And sometimes I hate breakfast… typically there isn’t usually a vast variety in breakfast items. At least not in the traditional sense. Egg. Bacon. Pancakes. Coffee? (Always coffee.)

This meal was one of those “I love breakfast!” meals.

Simple, quick, pretty, delicious, and loaded with muscle-building protein.

Eggs. Smoked Salmon. Greens. A little garnish. And COFFEE. One of my favorite coffees (and mugs) from Scout Coffee in San Luis Obispo, California.




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