The Best Paleo Donuts with Double Chocolate Protein Frosting

July 13, 2015

Paleo Donuts!

Chocolate Paleo Doughnuts
or doughnut? Those round, fluffy, glazed bundles of joy contain a very political question. A world-wide debate, I’m sure. Donut or doughnut?

Paleo Donuts

One spelling suggests you’re stingy (possibly lazy) with your letters, want life to be fun, and tent to keep things “short ‘n simple.”

The other spelling says to others, I am verbose and superior, I like dough and nuts, and follow grammar rules like a mo-fo.

Chocolate Paleo Donuts!

However you spell the circularly shaped sugary treats, these Paleo doughnuts (donuts??) are delicious. And the recipe is all yours…

Paleo Donuts!


How do you spell them?

Chocolate Paleo Doughnuts

Paleo Donuts

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Alisa @ Go Dairy Free July 15, 2015 at 9:28 AM

Pinned! I just posted donuts, too, but yours are healthier 🙂 I noticed the almond milk in your recipe – I’ve got a recipe contest running that I think you will love, too, Lori. It’s on my site, but feel free to email me (would love to hear from you!) – I don’t have many paleo entries yet, and we do love those. ($1000 cash prizes in this one – it’s big).


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