Strawberry Coconut Sunwarrior Smoothie + Sunwarrior Product Review

I’ll admit, in the past, I’ve been a protein powder junkie. I’ve probably tried every protein powder out there, constantly searching for the perfect one. Alas, there is not perfect one but you can come close! Each and every protein powder is different, obviously, and can be used for various purposes depending on what your need is.

Sometimes you need an extra nutrition boost; sometimes, more protein. And sometimes you just want a flavorful powder to play around with. Enter: Sunwarrior Protein.


I was sent a few sample packs of Sunwarrior products to try and review. As you can see, everything is geared towards athletic performance, so it was all right up my alley.

The samples came in a great little shaker bottle, perfect for after a workout or on-the-go protein shake!


Let’s do a little review, shall we?

I enjoyed the variety I was sent and the fact that I could get more protein using the Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Raw Vegan Protein. The Warrior Blend includes more sources of protein (see below for those sources) and slightly more protein. The Classic Protein powder is simpler and uses just a short ingredient list of brown rice protein, vanilla extract, stevia and sea salt (a few others are on the list but it’s a SHORT list).

The vanilla and chocolate flavors were definitely true to their flavor. Vanilla tasted like vanilla and chocolate tasted like chocolate.

The texture was slightly chalky but that comes with the type of protein sources used. That said, Sunwarrior is a great raw, plant based protein, using sources like raw pea protein, raw organic hemp seed, brown rice protein and raw cranberry protein (which I had never heard of!).

I was also sent a few other fun products:

Activated Sprouted Bio-Fermented Barley (slow burning carb source) – I cannot wait to try this one on one of my long cycle rides!

Rush Liquid Vitamin Mineral – fast acting multivitamins – again, good one for a long ride, run or intense weight session!

Liquid Light Fulvic Acid – need an extra boost of vitamins and minerals? Look no further then this liquid form. Great for adding to water or smoothies.

Ormus Supergreens – great peppermint flavor! I’ve swirled this into smoothies or an extra nutrient punch. Delicious!

I think Sunwarrior is amazing for anyone with an active lifestyle or in need of a little extra nutrition. Most of these product help to fuel your body in a natural way, making it bio-available, or easily assimilated in the body. Thank you for that!

Perfect for anyone following a raw or vegan lifestyle, too. These products contains no animal products, dairy, egg, gluten, soy, added sugar, wheat, or yeast. Just simple, pure ingredients.

Perfect for smoothie making.

And I do love me some smoothies…


Have you tried Sunwarrior products?

What is your favorite powdered protein source?

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