Dinner is Served: Paleo Honey Lemon Chive Egg Salad


My dinners are often an event. There’s hours that go into each meal, including that time browsing recipes aimlessly, tagging and emailing myself all the wish-list ones that may make the cut. There’s the grocery store time, picking out the ingredients for two of the recipes, just so I have options when I get home. And then there’s the food prep, cooking, and photographing.

Of course, photographing is the most important part. I often eat my meals cold after plating, lighting, and 100 photos later.


The great thing about this recipe is that you don’t need to spend all that time browsing, buying, making, and letting your food get cold.

For starters, this dish is already cold.

Second, it’s beyond easy and multitasking is a cinch.

And third, it’s tasty. Yeah, that third point was weak but you get the idea.

It’s also odd. You wouldn’t think the honey and greek yogurt marries well with the egg, sausage, and chives but oooooh it does.

Revised from a recipe I made way back when, for Lemon Basil Honey Egg Salad, with a little extra protein thrown into the mix.



See. Wasn’t that easy?

What process do you follow when picking out dinner?

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