Phat Fudge Donuts

June 24, 2016


Have you ever wondered what Unicorn fuel tastes like?

Mary from The Paleo Chef did and decided to find out. 

Enter Phat Fudge.

Phat Fudge Paleo Donuts

This stuff is amazing for instant energy, fat-burning benefits, and amped up nutritional value. I pop one of these fat-filled “donuts” first thing in the morning before my morning “fasted’ walk/sprints and/or before my weight-lifting workouts midday. And if I’m feeling snacky and need something sweet, these fit the bill without all the sugar.

Phat Fudge Paleo Donuts

High quality ingredients count. Try to find ingredients that are freshly bottled/grass fed (tahini and butter/ghee) and spices that are fresh (amp up the medicinal properties).

I use grass-fed butter and OMghee brand ghee for some of the best fat around. I’ve also tried this recipe using half ghee, half cold-pressed coconut oil so feel free to get creative.

Phat Fudge Donuts

 Phat Fudge Paleo Donuts

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Alisa June 28, 2016 at 11:52 AM

These are so darn intriguing! I love the donut shape and anything fudge is a go in my book!


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