Getting Shredded and Losing 10% Body Fat in 9 Weeks (still 3 Weeks Out!)

Getting Shredded and Losing 10% Body Fat in 9 Weeks (still 3 Weeks Out!)

figure competition progress

Ready for some real life stats from the past few weeks of figure competition training?

Sure you are!

Transformations happen everyday, constantly progressing and changing when consistency is the goal. Keeping diet, nutrition and consistency, my body has responded and I’m only 2.5 weeks out in a 12 week journey across the fitness lands.

I could not be more happy with how my diet and training has gone over the last 10 weeks. This prep has been a total breeze (compared to the last) and I’ve finally found my groove on diet.

Weekly meal of protein and veggies

But, as I think it should while grooving on the diet, after an initial drop in weight, my fat loss stalled. The scale was stuck at one number. Although the scale is not the end-all-answer, it IS a helpful tool to show progress. Scale staying the same means fat loss has stopped.

So, instead of dropping calories and working out more (which is everyone’s first inclination), I incorporated a higher carb day twice a week (when I felt energy depleted) and increased my calories just slightly.

Guess what happened? My fat loss started back up and the numbers reflected on the scale. Throw in the benefit of having a bit more energy, I’ll take it! 

Weekly meal of protein and veggies

Working with your body, not against it, is the key. Listening to your body is the lock. Use both of these together to really make changes. This game is not about suffering to lose fat. It is not about being miserable, sad, anxious, or in mental or physical pain. Nourish your body and it will help you.

Figure Competition Progress Photos

Figure Physique Updates!

Starting body fat at 12 weeks out: 24-22% 

6 weeks out: 20

4 weeks out: 15.5%

3 weeks out: not sure but looking pretty damn lean!

The best part about these stats is that while I am dropping fat, I am actually gaining muscle! I’m in still in awe. Each week I’m pushing myself in the gym and for a lot of lifts, I’m increasing the weight I’m lifting. I’m eating almost what I want, when I want it. Until now, I never thought any of this possible. 

It’s incredible when you realize you really can do the impossible, isn’t it?

Figure Competition Training Progress

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