Cleaning, Cleansing, and Plant-Based Recipe Ideas

Even though starting and maintaining a cleanse or detox is challenging, the rewards can be well worth it. Since finishing my 7-day cleanse, I’ve still been incorporating much of the same eating patterns. I’m loving the cleaner foods, lower sugar, no coffee, and no dairy. 

Outstanding Vanilla Cupcakes. Fluffy, Sugar-Free, Vegan, and Still Delicious.

Nothing, I mean nothing, says Happy Monday, like a soft, fluffy, vanilla cupcake. This Monday comes with an extra helping of healthy, soft, fluffy, vanilla cupcakes and the revived site, What Runs Lori. What do you think? Like the new wardrobe? I went shopping over 

Up, Up, and Away!

Early this morning I got on a plane from California to… Have a happy Saturday!!