Skinny Wednesday: 10 Things

Hi Friends! Happy Wednesday! Last week I shared some things I’m doing to slim down my day, mentally. And I like the concept of Skinny Wednesdays for releasing negativity. Like I wrote last week: “It’s time to unload those plates, decompress that brain, and take 


I’m saying Happy Monday with a very late post. I’m working on updating the look and feel of my blog, and trying desperately to make it load faster… That being said, I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with WordPress. Grrr. <–me being angry. While you’re here, I 


Happy Friday! Finally? Yes, finally. The weekend is almost here and nothing say no work like a winner of a giveaway. Well, unless you’re not the winner, then no work just means no work. But really, who can complain about that? Besides the unemployed. Ok,