April 1-30 marks the Health Activists Writers Month Challenge (HAWMC) to write each day on a different health topic. Follow along with my journey through health-related prompts of April, 2012.

What is a Health Activist? Find out here!


April 1: Health Time Capsule

April 2: Quotation Inspiration

April 3: If I Had A Superpower

April 4: “I write about health because…”

April5: Ekphrasis Post

April 6: Health Haiku

April 7: Free Topic! Healthy Thinking

April 8: Best Conversation of the Week

April 9: Keep Calm and Carry On

April 10: Dear 16 Year Old Me

April 11: Theme Song

April 12: Unedited Stream of Consciousness

April 13: 10 Things I Couldn’t Live Without

April 14: My Dream Day

April 15: What’s Your Writing Style?

April 16: Pinterest Board of Health

April 17: A Lesson Learned the Hard Way

April 18: Open a Book to a Random Page…

April 19: Five Dinner Guests

April 20: Create a Miracle Cure

April 21: Health Madlib Poem

April 22: The Things We Forget

April 23: “Free Day” What Runs Jeanette (guest post)

April 24: Health Mascot

April 25: Third Person Post

April 26: Health Tagline

April 27: 5 Challenges. 5 Small Victories

April 28: The First Time I… (decided I was worth it)

April 29: Six Sentence Story

April 30: Health Word Cloud




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