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Sweet Sips & Southern Comfort

Have you ever tasted that one coffee shop drink that changed your life? (Ok, it didn’t really change my life, but I’ll never look at a coffee drink the same way..) The first sip mingled with your taste buds and altered them. Sweet, icy, caffeinated 

PR’s & “PB” Banana Muffins

I just really enjoy this picture. And it pertains to nothing we’ll be discussing today. Happy Wednesday! I sincerely hope you’re having a great one already. I definitely am having a fantastic day: It’s half way through the week, already This weekend is a 3 

Rise ‘n Shine

This morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn, 5:45 am, to be exact. Do you ever wake up super early, without your alarm, even though you have nothing (at all) to do before work? Not my favorite thing but since I wasn’t tired