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My Dream Day & Galaxy MMA Workout

Picture it, a woman’s perfect day. No stress. No “work” to do. Only pure enjoyment. Partnered with loud shouting, maybe some cuts and bruises, aching muscles, and sweat…(?!?!) My dream day would be pretty much the day (or whole weekend) I had last Saturday. Exercising. 

Best Conversation of the Week

What is the best conversation you had this past week? Can you picture it? Where were you standing? Where were you standing? How was the face of the person you were talking with, if in person; the tone, if on the phone? What did it 

Interview with Ashley Horner on What Runs Lori

I admire so many people. There are all walks of life and all types of characters out there, creating such a diverse, unique, and interesting world. There are motivators, those who inspire, people who are driven and do so much in their everyday lives- sometimes