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What Runs Emily

What Runs U returns! And today’s post is from Emily, who struggled with weight issues and has come full circle to the robust lifestyle of a healthy eater. Her story is complete below and long but well worth the read. She’s an incredible inspiration and 

Trainer Kim on What Runs Lori (Guest Post!)

Today you all get a treat. We’ll call it a calorie free, Wednesday treat. Please enjoy the voice (through writing) of Trainer Kim! She’s adorable, motivating, and completely inspirational! Check out her blog after you read her incredible story. ๐Ÿ™‚ ———————- Hey fans of What 

Paleo Table (on Good Day Sac)

Well, my 15 minutes of fame are over and things have calmed down some (in my life). It was seriously so much fun working with Amy Carabba and Scott, the camera man, with Good Day Sacramento. Just slightly freaking out beforehand, everything went very well.