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Bikini Competition Ready Paleo Green Egg Cups

Paleo Green Egg Cups -whatrunslori.com

Green eggs and ham have nothing on this one. Although, this is green eggs and you could certainly add ham… But if nothing else, these are absolutely delicious and even more absolutely cute. Plus, when you’re baking these little egg cups, they puff up like crazy, …

How to Make Aebleskivers (Danish Pancakes!)

Aebleskivers - whatrunslori.com

Everyone say it with me! Aebleskiver! Aebleskiver…? (pronouned: A-ble-shhhhhh-kiver) So so fun to say. So SO fun to make. And freakin’ delicious to eat. No, not Paleo at all.  Yes, contains flour, sugar and butter. And yes, I’m eating them because they’re so rewarding to …

Portland Eating Guide

Portland Adventures

  Gorgeously crafted coffees and signature tiny houses. Legit coffee tour featuring cupping techniques and lattes galore. Kisses among nature. Doughnut photo shoot at Blue Star. Waterfalls and old wooden tunnels. Cityscapes and gardens. Always saying yes to acai bowls... and Hi to Felix. Portlandia is real.  That was my first thought while touring, dining, and ...