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Best Way To Lose Fat & Gain Muscle at the Same Time – it’s possible!

Weight training for fat loss

Want the magic to gaining a body that blasts fat? A super high metabolism?  Cardio… What’s cardio? Let’s hit the weights! Here is my workout for my 12 week Figure Competition Prep – lift heavy in the 8-12 rep range, keep good great form and bring …

High Fat Diet and Figure Competition Training – High Fat, No Deprivation!


Truth of the day: Do not fear fat. It’ll get you shredded. 😉 I’m on a mission to break the molds, nay the nay-sayers, and shred the f**k out of my body. Oh, and do a figure competition! My recipe for unconventional figure competition diet prep: …

Oven-Roasted Garlic Dijon Salmon

Dijon Garlic Marinaded Salmon from WhatRunsLori.com

If you didn’t see this one on Instagram and just seeing this for the first time, get ready for a recipe to rock your world. What, you don't follow me on IG yet?! Get on over there and see a ton of recipes and workouts that never make the blog!  I always crave salmon so I'm constantly ...