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My First Figure Competition – 3rd Place!

whatrunslori.com figure show

Finally! The longest overdue post in the history of long overdue posts… My first figure competition! Yep, I did it. It was a wild and crazy time but it’s over and I’ve had the few months to reflect on it. But first, photos! While I immensely …

Grilled Garlic Shrimp with Lemon Oregano Caper Drizzle

Weekly meal of protein and veggies

It’s a strange thing when you start eating pretty clean… Your taste buds adjust and change and suddenly even the simplest of foods tastes different. Taste better! And cravings signify what your body really needs in nourishment. And you can actually hear those cravings and act …

Fat Burning Paleo Smoked Salmon Egg Scramble

Paleo Salmon Scramble - whatrunslori.com

Hello lovely reader, Today marks the midway point of 9 weeks out from my first figure competition in October! I'm feeling great and loving the results from the tiny changes in my diet. It's amazing how much your body can change and how quickly when you cut out sugar and alcohol. 😉 That said, I've also cut calories some ...