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Random Thoughts & Banana Baked Oatmeal Split

You know how you’re listening to the radio and all of a sudden that song comes on. You know, that song. The one that has/could/just-did change your life? The one you have constantly running in your mind, the one you hum without even knowing you 

Busy Living Life

What a week this has been! And it’s only Thursday! Yikes! I’ve been super busy with exercising, work, my part time business venture (that I’m ABSOLUTELY loving! So fun!), signing up for my second half marathon for July (YAAAAAAY), makin’ chocolate (the cheating way), winning 

Loaded Post or Hummuggs

Lots to discuss today. Let’s get started… Since my deducting phase of playing with certain food symptoms has finished (that was a mouthful to say.. pun intended), I have now solidified the fact that dairy, undoubtedly, causes some unwanted symptoms in my body. Within hours