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Sun Basket Review & Giveaway


I have to admit, I have been skeptical of “cook-your-own-meal” delivery boxes. Sure, I’ve known friends who have tried them out and really liked them but those are the friends that don’t like cooking or don’t feel comfortable throwing together a full meal. I was skeptical until the …

Raspberry Coconut Green Smoothie Topped with Squarebars

Raspberry Coconut Green Smoothie

I’ve been on a smoothie kick lately. And topping them with my f a v o r i t e chocolatey, high protein, quality ingredient bars absolutely aids in daily consumption of this decadent treat. Have you tried Squarebar? If you haven’t, then you have no idea …

Strawberry Coconut Sunwarrior Smoothie + Sunwarrior Product Review


I'll admit, in the past, I've been a protein powder junkie. I've probably tried every protein powder out there, constantly searching for the perfect one. Alas, there is not perfect one but you can come close! Each and every protein powder is different, obviously, and can be used for various purposes depending on what your need is. Sometimes you ...