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Cedar Baked Alaskan Salmon

I hope I thoroughly grossed everyone out yesterday with the giant grub pictures. 🙂 Good eats, right? (mwahahaha!) Maybe that worm didn’t go too well with the food pictures I posted about… sorry. But I’ll make up for it today! No more bugs. But how 

The Loaded Bowl

Ya know, I’ve been upping my workouts lately to include, aside from CrossFit, runs. I’m running because I am training for another endurance event with Team In Training. I have yet decided if I’m going to run a half marathon or a full marathon, but 

Return of the Quinoa (with a recipe)

Ah, how I’ve missed those golden grains of goodness. Those small seeds of salvation. Those… puffy-when-cooked balls… (yeah, I don’t know either). Mr. Quinoa, how I have missed you. Folks, my strictly Paleo eating days are over. Yeah, short lived, I know. Honestly, I’m just