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5 Great Paleo Blogs To Love This Week

5 Great Paleo Blogs To Love This Week

I’m kind of a recipe site whore. I mean, aren’t we all? There are SO many incredible recipes out there, so little time to make them, and far more calories that should be ingested – and ALL at our fingertips! Thank you World Wide Web (and 

Winner, Winner, (and) Raw Food Dinner

What Runs Lori is one year old (and 2 days). It’s my celebration but you benefit! I had quite a full weekend, so I apologize for not posting the Blogiversary winner yesterday. But you get to find out today (and find out what I ate, 

It’s About Time

Wow. How long has it been since I last posted?! Sheesh! First, I was just enjoying the warm weather and long weekend… THEN I got sick! What?! It’s just a head cold but man, it takes it out of you. Anyway… the holiday weekend was