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Lori’s Bikini Competition Training Program

Lori’s Bikini Competition Training Program

Before any other reading, I want to note that this program is tailored specifically to me, my body, and the changes I need to make to compete. Please take this into account when reading over this workout routine. Always consult a physician before starting any 

Bikini Competition Training: Week 3

    Hello, hello! The post yesterday, posted on 5 days into the program was written WAY long ago but never posted. Today marks 3.5 weeks into training/nutrition/the program and I’m still going strong! Much has changed in these last three weeks, including my body, 

The 12 Days of Fitness (at Tribesports!)

This year do something great with your December and brag about it. Start now! Take The 12 Days of Fitness Challenge from Tribesports and get your rockin’ body on. I’ve partnered with Tribesports to provide YOU with great fitness advice and exercises to keep you