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Portland Eating Guide

Portland Adventures

  Gorgeously crafted coffees and signature tiny houses. Legit coffee tour featuring cupping techniques and lattes galore. Kisses among nature. Doughnut photo shoot at Blue Star. Waterfalls and old wooden tunnels. Cityscapes and gardens. Always saying yes to acai bowls… and Hi to Felix. Portlandia is real.  That …

Low-Carb Bikini Diet Recipe: Salmon Salad Wraps with Coconut Dill Sauce and Smashed Peach Guacamole

Peach Guac & Salmon Wraps

When I was doing my bikini competition diet and workout plan, I ate a lot of protein and in that protein allowance, salmon made the cut (and frying pan). I just cannot complain about eating copious amounts of salmon. It’s a flavorful fish, amazing source of protein and …

Why a food blog isn’t just a food blog

Camping, Nevada City, California

I blog for many reasons. First and foremost, it allows me to share my many hours in the kitchen with you. And also because I can go back any time and use it as my recipe book (I constantly use my blog as reference for past recipes). I blog because it allows me to open my mind, ...