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Best Way To Lose Fat & Gain Muscle at the Same Time – it’s possible!

Weight training for fat loss

Want the magic to gaining a body that blasts fat? A super high metabolism?  Cardio… What’s cardio? Let’s hit the weights! Here is my workout for my 12 week Figure Competition Prep – lift heavy in the 8-12 rep range, keep good great form and bring …

Bikini Competition Body Transformation Updates, Progress, & Takeaways

week 10

Happy December, folks! Time is flying, the holidays are fast approaching, and it seems like everywhere we turn there’s more and more to do. Sound familiar? I’m happy to announce that I reached my goal of my 12-week bikini competition training challenge. I completed 12 …

Lori’s Bikini Competition Training Program

lori gym2

Before any other reading, I want to note that this program is tailored specifically to me, my body, and the changes I need to make to compete. Please take this into account when reading over this workout routine. Always consult a physician before starting any routine for yourself. Weight training is by far the best way ...