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Ekphrasis Post & A “Satisfaction” Workout

I have never been to an art gallery, per say. You know, one of those large rooms where there are oddly shaped sculptures placed precariously around the room, there are “interesting” paintings hanging along the walls, and everyone is rubbing their chins and chatting about 

Wineries & Wine Tasting in Sonoma County

Yesterday you got a pretty good overview on the Barrel Tasting event that Sonoma County hosts each year in March. Today’s post you’ll get an even better overview on a few of my favorite wines from this trip… because each trip is different. Especially with 

The [Wedding] Hangover

Well, I’m back from San Luis Obispo. Alive. Of course the wedding I attended was awesome. Beautiful bride, wonderful weather, great reception. I managed to get my fill of wine and champagne during the night, concluding my day of rest… and recovering from all that