June Trainings

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I have been officially training for a little over a month now. It actually has not been that hard. That means it’s time to step it up and push harder. This Sunday I actually did push myself a little more. I ran about 8.5 miles in 64 minutes. It was HOT out too and by mile 5 or so I started getting goosebumps… definitely one of the first signs of dehydration and heat stroke. That just made me run faster so I could be finished with the run…

Well, I survived and that was the beginning to the more powerful workouts. I’m planning on throwing in a little more work into my workouts, and runs.

So, that being said, here is what some of my workouts have looked like this past month:

6/30/09: AM-20 minute bike, 25 minute arms, shoulders, abs
PM- Group track workout- Hills
6/29/09: Rest
6/28/09: 8.5 miles (64 minutes)
6/27/09: 8 mile walk
6/26/09: 1.5 hrs of gentle yoga
6/25/09: 6 mile run (45 minutes)
6/24/09: Rest
6/23/09: Group track workout- Spints:
AM- 1 hour of weights and abs
PM- 1 mile warm-up; 2 x 400m (1/4 mile); 1 x 800m (1/2 mile); 1 x 1600m (1 full mile); 1 x 800m (1/2 mile); 2 x 400m (1/4 mile); 1 x 200m FULL SPRINT (1/8 mile); and finally cool-down
6/22/09: Monday’s a rest day! 😉
6/21/09: 6 mile run on Campbell trail (45 minutes) then abs
6/20/09: Saturday group run in Santa Cruz- ran 6 miles in 40 minutes- first one done by 20 minutes!! Nice!
6/19/09: 1 1/2 hours Yoga class
6/18/09: 1 hour run- 7.5 miles at Los Gatos Creek Trail
6/17/09: 1 1/2 hours Power Yoga class
6/16/09: Group track workout: Warm-up 1 mile jog, then 1/2 mile sprints 6 times– finished with abs and went home to pass out!

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