Chico Awaits

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Happy Friday! (well almost Friday) I wanted to post a short post since I am leaving bright and early tomorrow morning to Chico, CA for a 3 day workshop for Certified Personal Training… um… training. It’s 3 days of all day hands-on learning. This workshop was short notice but nothing like the present! A little background, California State University is the college I graduated from, so I am nothing but excited about going back this weekend! I’ll take a lot of pictures, even with the rain, and let you know how my reunion and workshop go!

So, before I leave I wanted to post my delicious dinner, brought to me by the boyfriend, aka, Chef.

We made a fast meal of seared ahi tuna with a pepper and sesame seed crust and spring rolls filled with shrimp, cucumber, shredded carrot, jalapenos, and cilantro with a miso tahini sauce. My plate had a little side salad of leftover fillings.

I really like the dressing… can you tell?

All washed down with some vino (unpictured).

And for dessert…

Buckwheat brownie balls. How I love my chocolate.

Soaked and sprouted buckwheat, dates, hemp protein powder, handful of walnuts, raw cacao powder, chia seeds, salt, cayenne, Stevia, and cinnamon. I wanted to make a raw dessert without nuts. The buckwheat provides a lot of nutrients without the calories or fat, especially sprouted. Rolled in coconut flakes, stuck in the freezer, and enjoyed without guilt!

That’s all for now! Enjoy your Friday and the weekend ahead.

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