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What is kind, needs your help, and is covered in chocolate? Oooooooooh chocolate.

Scroll down for clues and the answer.

Clue 1: She makes chocolate fudge babies
(and they are AMAZING.)

Clue 2: She makes macaroon babies
(yeah, those are probably just as amazing.)

Clue 3: She even makes peanut butter fudge sandwhiches
Give up?


Operation Chocolate Covered Kindness

Katie over at Chocolate Covered Katie is quite a talented blogger. She make the most mouthwatering desserts and dishes and even better, donates all of the money she makes blogging (when people click onto her site) to charity. That is where Operation Chocolate Covered Kindness comes in.

So please, click on the above link and do a little chocolate covered clicking! Trust me, your tastebuds will not be disappointed… well, actually they probably will because one can only look at all of her wonderful treats. Damn, when are they going to invent lickable blog sites??? (ew, that actually sounds pretty gross.)

Until next chocolate covered time…

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