The P90X… and actual results

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Happy Tuesday! For some reason, maybe it’s the (extended) warm weather, but I am in the best mood today! No complaints here… about anything! I even started my day with a little P90X action. Today was 58 minutes of Legs & Back. Lots of lunges, squats, and pull-ups with an aerobic band- I have yet to actually try a real pull-up (couldn’t do them before.. maybe I should try…).

After the workout I made myself a smoothie filled with one of my favorite flavors; Mint! They are never really aesthetically pleasing but they taste amazing!

Coconut water, coconut meat, LOTS of spinach, half a banana, handful of fresh-from-the-garden mint, spearmint extract, 1 scoop of chocolate hemp protein powder, 1/2 dropper of liquid vanilla Stevia, raw cacao powder and nibs, and lots of ice (Sheesh! So many ingredients!).
Needless to say, I was in Minty Heaven.

I have had some people ask about the P90X program and if I think it is worth buying/trying/etc. This is a huge YES. I love it. I am an avid fitness-freak and love a hard workout. I also like to have a life outside of the gym, though. The P90X program consists of 12 DVDs. You do 1 hour-long routine 6 days a week, 1 rest day. The videos are entertaining, go by quickly, and you get a great workout. No spending hours at the gym. No buying expensive weights and accessories. I love it. The only thing that you need is dedication. And there are some days when I don’t want to get out of bed and I don’t want to push play but I do it anyway. And I’m always happy I did.

And now I am at the last week of my second month (3 months in all), and I feel stronger and look stronger, and have official results to share!
But, back up 1 month and 3 weeks, at the start of my P90X venture. Tony Horton (host/trainer) tells you to take pictures, take measurements, write down all of your exercise sets so you have a comparison. Well, I did none of those things until the start of my second month. This was not out of laziness, it was more out of being fed up with my little weight gain and feeling not so fantastic in the body department. My weight fluctuates no matter how much I exercise or eat. So, I took no pictures and I did not take measurements.

Today, however, I used the body fat analysis machine we have at my work and here some results that I will use, instead, to judge my progress.

May 2009
Weight: 128.8 lbs
Lean body mass: 99 lbs
Percentage body fat: 23.2%

November 2009
Weight: 134.5 lbs
Lean body mass: 103 lbs
Percentage body fat: 23.4%

So, looking at that (I can’t believe I am posting my weight), even though I gained weight, I have the same percentage body fat. That means I gained muscle! I am going to take that as an achievement. I would like to “weigh” less but that is by scale standards. I feel good. My pants are a little snug, but I also now have a butt, which was not as “perky” a couple of months ago. So, forgoing the dogmas that are placed on women, I’m feeling pretty good about these stats.

It is hard to find that balance for your body. Like some of those reading this, we have tried to obtain optimal health through nutrition, like eating raw foods. Yes, I eat a mostly raw diet, loaded with veggies, fruits, whole grains, those deemed as Superfoods, and little to no processed foods. I cut out meat and dairy and gluten. Lately, I have been adding in goat yogurt and small amounts of chicken and fish. I’m eating more cooked foods such as sweet potatoes, quinoa, sauteed veggies. Eating mostly raw is by far the best for me but I’m letting myself eat a more rounded, less restrictive diet. And my body is thanking me for this.

Anyway, enough about me. How do you feel? How are your exercise routines going? Are you able to find a balance in food and exercise? Share your comments and stories!

Enjoy your Tuesday. 🙂

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